Quick Step Laminate Flooring

Quick-Step laminate Flooring guarantees you the most gorgeous floor you could wish for. Low maintenance, comfortable, warm, able to take a knock and very natural. Quite simply a floor that gives you years of pure pleasure.

Blow- And Impact-Resistant

At the heart of Quick-StepR laminate is a top-class HDF board. This is manufactured in-house according to our own standard, which surpasses the applicable EN and ISO standards. This hard core, in combination with the resistant top layer, will protect your floor against falling objects, stiletto heels, etc.

Damp Proof

Our water-tight base board and the tensile strength of our click systems offer excellent protection against surface dampness. So there's no need to worry about accidents with spilled drinks.

Underfloor Heating

Your Quick-StepR floor can be easily combined with floor heating. Here too the floor is installed as a sprung or floating floor. Always remember to choose the right underfloor though. Please refer to your distributor or the website for advice.

Quick-step in available in a variety of styles including:

Solid Wood

Bathroom Design

Wood designs include a number of different shades of colours

Stone Design

We also have alternative ranges of laminate flooring to suit all pockets.